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Why choose Braineet over Hype Innovation?

First, we’d like to acknowledge the team at Hype Innovation. They’ve built solid products to help companies leverage collective intelligence all year-long to identify value creation opportunities.
If you’re here to understand the difference between Braineet and Hype Innovation, you’re in the right place.‍

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What is the difference between Braineet and Hype Innovation?

Sure, there are feature and product differences between the companies (which we will get into further down this page if you’re interested), but at its core, Braineet was built to help companies manage the full innovation lifecycle from idea to scale. This was accomplished with the unmatched knowledge we gathered through tens of thousands of conversations with Corporate Innovation teams worldwide in the past 7 years and our unique co-creation process. 

So if you’re part of an Innovation team, know that we understand firsthand what Corporate Innovation requires to be successful. That’s why we’ve built the complete system that you need to generate solid innovation results for your company in a predictable way.

We’re passionate about Corporate Innovation and truly care whether or not your company succeeds in innovating faster and more efficiently. It’s no wonder more than one hundred companies worldwide trust us to support their innovation approach.

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The top 5 reasons why innovation teams choose Braineet over Hype Innovation

We can't claim to be totally objective when recommending which vendor to choose. However, we sincerely believe that you should choose the right partner for you. A partner that you really trust, that answers your needs now and in the future and that will help you as much as possible to make you successful. Here are 5 reasons why Braineet can be that partner for you.

#1 The most flexible crowdsourcing
platform ever made

We have developed the most flexible platform to harness the power of your internal and external ecosystem. Braineet covers all your use cases to centralize all your Innovation knowledge in one place, allowing you to select and prioritize the future projects you want to invest in.


Our customers use Braineet as their Innovation Hub to collect open ideas, launch internal and external Innovation challenges, manage their partner and startup directory, share local best practices that can scale 
up quickly in their company, display experts to help on specific topic, raise business problems, talk about managerial feedback in an anonymous way, etc.


They map their organization, give ownership to different teams, create custom public and private workflows to manage their pipeline, design evaluation sessions with relevant criterias and juries to prioritize and make informed decisions.


#2 A complete system to deliver
solid results

87% of the Corporate Innovation teams we talked to in the last 12 months in the world have the exact same problem: they need to prove the value generated through Innovation for their company. And they need to prove it now to avoid jeopardizing the future of the Innovation function, and of the company for that matter. 

There’s only one way to do this: build a system to make Innovation more professional, more disciplined, more structured and at the end of the day more predictable. This system provides transparency, reliability and speed and therefore creates confidence in the Innovation strategy and the capability to execute the plan.

We enable every Innovation team to manage their portfolios with the perfect segmentation and relevant KPIs, to structure their projects to maximize their outcome and speed, and to centralize all the company’s innovation knowledge in one place.

Ikea Innovation Portfolio - Braineet

#3 We are your sparring partner,
well beyond the software

We have developed a unique expertise in Corporate Innovation and share that knowledge with every one of our customers.

Whether you’re thinking about your strategy, your segmentation, your KPIs, your innovation processes, your decision criterias, your governance, your reporting, your communication plan, your Open Innovation approach, your sourcing strategy, your ideation pipeline, etc. We are there for you.

We are reactive and proactive, we make relevant recommendations, we don’t hesitate to challenge the status quo, we introduce you to experts and peers, we take the workload off your shoulders as much as we can. We are your trusted partner. That’s why our customers love working with us, and this goes beyond the software.

"Braineet has a amazing team to help to customize Workflow as you need to use it. We used the solution for an intra entrepreneur program and it was a great solution to follow ideas development (many steps with content, checklist, etc). I strongly recommend this solution."

Source: Charlotte G.

#4 A unique co-creation process to meet
your needs now and in the future

We strongly believe that co-creation is the best path - the only one? - to develop the perfect solution for our customers to save time, generate value and make them successful. Co-creation is anchored in our DNA. Everything that we do starts by listening to every single one of our customers and users to understand their needs and what could make their job simpler, more impactful, and more valuable in the eyes of management. If we work together, we will have weekly discussions about your mission and how Braineet can evolve to make you even more successful. We will then co-design the ideal solution and transparently share our quarterly roadmap with you.

Corporate Innovation is still a pretty recent function in the company and is evolving fast. You should definitely choose a software and a team that partners with you to evolve at your side.

"Braineet Teams is very commited to satisfy their customers needs. We are working as one team to deliver the best user experience for our employees. They are a real partnership. Crowdsourcing plateform gets a lot of features advanced and useful to manage all ideas posted.”

Source: Charles S.

#5 A simple, user friendly and integrated
interface that maximizes usage

We deliver the most simple and user friendly experience on the market. This is not a coincidence, it is the result of our unique history. Indeed Braineet started in 2014 as a leading B2C platform enabling millions of consumers worldwide to share innovative ideas with their favorite brands. We then pivoted to B2B to become the leading innovation software to build the system you need to deliver results. But designing the best possible experience for every one of our users and administrators remains one of our obsessions.To make sure that your new Innovation Software is really adopted and used you need to choose a software that: 

  • is intuitive to use: “I understand why we use it, what it does, how to use it and everything looks really simple, well thought out, and quick”
  • generates real value for every user: “I quickly see the value that I personally get from using it: I save time, increase the quality of my work, benefit from relevant data to make decisions, demonstrate the value of my work to management and other stakeholders.”
  • Integrates with your IT and tools: no one should ever be asked to create a new login and password or to fill the same data in two different places.
  • Is mobile friendly: you need native mobile applications if you want to maximize your user adoption and retention. Period. 

Key differences between Braineet and Hype Innovation


Hype Innovation

Totally Flexible
You need a software that adapts to you, not the other way around.

Simple & Easy to Use
You need a simple and modern interface otherwise it just won’t be used.

Native Mobile Apps
You need mobile applications to maximize adoption. Otherwise you leave 30% on the table.

You need to implement an efficient ideation pipeline.

Best Practices
You need to identify local best practices that can scale quickly to generate value.

Innovation Challenges
You need to manage all your external partners in one place to invest on the right ones for you. 

Expert Directory
You need to present your experts to all employees so that they can leverage their expertise at the right time.

Custom Workflows
You need to build relevant workflows to turn your idea and partner sourcing into actual projects. 

Portfolio Management
You need to manage your entire portfolio in one place to measure progress, make decisions and prove the value to Management.

Processes & Tools
You need to implement processes and tools to speed up projects and increase their success rate.

Project Management
You need to monitor every project, assign objectives and deadlines and centralize all deliverables;

Single Sign On
You need to make it easy for users to log in.

Co-Creation Philosophy
You need to choose a software that answers your need now and in the future.

True Sparring Partner
You need to choose a true partner that you trust and that will make you more successful.

You need a software that integrates well with your current tools.

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Remarkable corporate innovation teams delivering results with us

"Amazing tool to innovate"

Overall Rating

5-Star Rating

“Braineet has a amazing team to help to customize Workflow as you need to use it. We used the solution for an intra entrepreneur program and it was a great solution to follow ideas development (many steps with content, checklist, etc). I strongly recommend this solution.
Braineet is really easy user friendly. It's easy to understand and to use. The design is nice and the plaform leave enough freedom to adapt your methods when required.”

Source: Capterra

Charlotte G.
Head of Innovation
Financial Services, 10,001+ employees

"Great Portfolio Innovation Tool"

Overall Rating

“Collaboration with the Braineet Team was great. The platform is extremely user friendly, easy to use etn provide all the tools required to manager an innovation project portfolio.”
The process designer is very easy to use. It's execution along the various project are clear, guiding and leave you enough freedom to adapt your methods when required.

Source: Gartner

Christophe B.
Head of Research
Software and Service Editor, 1001-5000 employees

"Braineet Teams is very commited"

Overall Rating

“Braineet Teams is very commited to satisfy their customers needs. We are working as one team to deliver the best user experience for our employees. They are a real partnership. Crowdsourcing plateform gets a lot of features advanced and useful to manage all ideas posted.”

Source: Capterra

Charles S.
Innovation Manager
Insurance, 1001-5000 employees

"Perfect UX and Devoted Team"

Overall Rating

“Crowdsourcing is really easy to implement due to a devoted and experimented team. Crowdsourcing makes teams really implicated, it is an easy way to get quick wins for an organization.”

Source: Capterra

Bastien G.
Innovation Manager
Retail, 1001-5000 employees

"An Excellent Tool To Foster Innovation!"

Overall Rating

“Braineet really helped us to structure and manage our Innovation initiatives portfolio. From ideas to real business value projects, we can track progress, provide methodologies to our colleagues and ensure the success of their initiatives. As a program manager, Braineet helped me to show the true added value of my projects portfolio to the financial team and to the CEO!

Source: Gartner

Rodolphe B.
Innovation & Transformation Director
Software company, 1000-5000 employees


Overall Rating

“I like the collaboration with the teams, always here to help you to set up your platform to answer your needs better.I like the reactivity to develop new fonction, and advise you on methodology.The platform is easy to use, and very flexible.
We can know better about all the innovations in groups to avoid working simultaneously on the same topics. We can advise on the methodology of innovation.”

Source: G2

Adèle d
Innovation Project Manager Senior- Innovation lab
Worldwide Leader in Hospitality, >5000 employees