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Streamline your innovation process

Maximize your project outcomes with streamlined processes designed to enhance efficiency and foster innovation.

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Streamline Your Innovation Process - Braineet

Innovation departments around the world use braineet to drive efficient and effective innovation processes.

From chaotic creativity to streamlined innovation

Innovation processes can sometimes become chaotic, with great ideas lost in the noise of unstructured creativity. Without clear processes, innovation risks becoming a buzzword rather than a business driver.

Braineet offers a structured path to innovation, aligning creative energies with strategic goals to ensure that every idea has the potential to evolve into a profitable project. This approach not only preserves the creative spirit but also enhances the effectiveness and impact of innovation initiatives.

Customizable Processes in Braineet

#1 - Customizable workflows

Design and deploy tailor-made processes that fit your project requirements and team dynamics.

#2 - Workflow-driven data capture

Streamline project management with Braineet's automated workflows that guide project managers in capturing essential data consistently and accurately at each project stage. This ensures detailed and uniform data collection, enhancing project oversight and decision-making.

Innovation Process Software - Braineet
Structured Stage-Gate Management

#3 - Structured stage-gate management

Implement robust stage-gate processes to monitor and evaluate project progression within your innovation portfolio. This methodical approach helps in optimizing resource allocation and prioritizing projects based on their potential impact and readiness, thereby enhancing portfolio performance.

#4 - Gantt chart for project timing

Enhance project visibility and timing accuracy with customizable Gantt charts. Braineet’s integration allows you to apply Gantt templates to your projects, collecting and displaying timing information in an easy-to-understand format that aids in efficient project management and deadline adherence.

Gantt Chart for Project Timing - Braineet

Streamline your process, accelerate innovation

Intuitive Workflow Builder

Intuitive workflow builder

Easily create and modify your innovation processes with our drag-and-drop workflow builder. This user-friendly tool allows you to effortlessly design workflows that align with your project needs, enhancing operational efficiency and project alignment.

Workflow version control

Workflow version control

Manage multiple versions of your workflows with ease. Our version control feature lets you select and apply the most appropriate workflow version to your projects, ensuring consistency and the ability to revert or update processes as required.

Advanced Gantt template for innovation projects

Advanced Gantt template

Maximize project efficiency with our Advanced Gantt Template. Easily create, customize, and apply detailed roadmaps, integrating tasks and milestones. Automatically capture and utilize date information to enhance project alignment and oversight. Perfect for streamlined project management.


"Top-quality software & stellar service with Braineet"

"Our collaboration with Braineet is exemplary: I am very impressed by their customer mindset and this is clearly reflected in the quality of their software. I really appreciate their adaptiveness and proactivity all along the project."

Nicolas de Benoist - SVP Innovation at Sodexo

Representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools

Braineet is recognized as a representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools.

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Revolutionize innovation management beyond basic tools

Move beyond Excel and PowerPoint for innovation with Braineet. Streamline your innovation processes, from idea generation to execution, with a single and integrated solution.

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Braineet is trusted by 100+ international companies

Braineet is trusted by 100+ international companiesBraineet, embraced by 100+ global leaders, catalyzes industry innovation. Explore our interviews to see how we've powered success for Sodexo, La Poste, Unilever, and T-Mobile, and discover why we're the choice for transformative growth.

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