The #1 Open Innovation Software

Build an OI system that delivers solid results.

Harness your external and internal ecosystems, turn ideas and partners into scaled projects in a predictable way, and maximize the value generated by your Open Innovation Portfolio.

It's time to adopt the software you need to deliver results.

The #1 Open Innovation Software

Braineet is featured as Representative Vendor in the 2023 Guide to Innovation Management Tools

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Manage all your company’s Open Innovation.

Still sourcing ideas and scouting partners manually? Still struggling to break silos and share experience? Still feeling that no one really understands the value generated by your Open Innovation Portfolio? Manage everything in Braineet from now on.

Braineet is the ONE software you need to be successful

Centralize all sourcing with our collaborative platform

Prioritize and invest in the most valuable ideas and partners

Structure projects to deliver results faster and better

Manage your entire Project Portfolio and measure results

#1 - Source innovation externally and internally

Braineet is the software you need to scout partners, source ideas and share best practices in a simple and efficient way.

✔ Source innovation with the most intuitive, customizable and beautiful interface

✔ Leverage all your Open Innovation ecosystems

✔ Break silos and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration

✔ Centralize your Open Innovation knowledge in one place

✔ Benefit from mobile application and integration to maximize adoption rate

#2 - Prioritize and invest in the right partners

With Braineet, every team follows a clear process, saves time, learns, and increases their success rate.

✔ Create custom workflows to manage your idea and partner pipelines

✔ Leverage experts to assess specific criteria

✔ Organize digital evaluation sessions with the right panel

✔ Make decisions to turn ideas into projects

✔ Identify talents to staff the selected projects

✔ Staff project teams and define initial budgets

#3 - Structure your Open Innovation process to execute faster

With Braineet, every team follows a clear process, saves time, learns, and increases their success rate.

✔ Create stage gate processes easily

✔ Set clear expectations, definitions and guidelines

✔ Benefit from our templates such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup

✔ Recommend concrete ‘how to’ tools to use at each stage

✔ Employees upskill and change their mindset

✔ Common project interface with selected partners

#4 - Monitor your Portfolio value every day

Braineet is the solution you need to manage your OI portfolio every day, measure progress and present results to Management.

✔ Manage all your OI project portfolio in one place

✔ Grant access to internal and external stakeholders

✔ Measure progress, identify roadblocks, and mitigate risks

✔ Benefit from automatic analysis, formulas and functions

✔ Build real-time and beautiful Reports for Management

✔ No manual work, no copy/pasting from Excel to Powerpoint, no inconsistencies

✔ Use Braineet directly in Microsoft Teams and integrate it with your other tools

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You’re 15 Mins Away from getting started

Braineet is the simplest and most flexible solution on the market

You can integrate with the tools you and your teams use

Our Customer Success Team helps you all year long

You manage your innovation under one roof


They generate solid results with Braineet

Braineet is the evolution of 6 years developing Innovation Management Softwares with hundreds of corporations.

"Amazing tool to innovate"

Overall Rating

“Braineet has a amazing team to help to customize Workflow as you need to use it. We used the solution for an intra entrepreneur program and it was a great solution to follow ideas development (many steps with content, checklist, etc). I strongly recommend this solution.
Braineet is really easy user friendly. It's easy to understand and to use. The design is nice and the plaform leave enough freedom to adapt your methods when required.”

Source: Capterra
Charlotte G.
Head of Innovation
Financial Services, 10,001+ employees

"Great Portfolio Innovation Tool"

Overall Rating

“Collaboration with the Braineet Team was great. The platform is extremely user friendly, easy to use etn provide all the tools required to manager an innovation project portfolio.”
The process designer is very easy to use. It's execution along the various project are clear, guiding and leave you enough freedom to adapt your methods when required.

Source: Gartner
Christophe B.
Head of Research
Software and Service Editor, 1001-5000 employees

"Braineet Teams is very commited"

Overall Rating

“Braineet Teams is very commited to satisfy their customers needs. We are working as one team to deliver the best user experience for our employees. They are a real partnership. Crowdsourcing plateform gets a lot of features advanced and useful to manage all ideas posted.”

Source: Capterra
Charles S.
Innovation Manager
Insurance, 1001-5000 employees

"Perfect UX and Devoted Team"

Overall Rating

“Crowdsourcing is really easy to implement due to a devoted and experimented team. Crowdsourcing makes teams really implicated, it is an easy way to get quick wins for an organization.”

Source: Capterra
Bastien G.
Innovation Manager
Retail, 1001-5000 employees

"An Excellent Tool To Foster Innovation!"

Overall Rating

“Braineet really helped us to structure and manage our Innovation initiatives portfolio. From ideas to real business value projects, we can track progress, provide methodologies to our colleagues and ensure the success of their initiatives. As a program manager, Braineet helped me to show the true added value of my projects portfolio to the financial team and to the CEO!

Source: Gartner
Rodolphe B.
Innovation & Transformation Director
Software company, 1000-5000 employees


Overall Rating

“I like the collaboration with the teams, always here to help you to set up your platform to answer your needs better.I like the reactivity to develop new fonction, and advise you on methodology.The platform is easy to use, and very flexible.
We can know better about all the innovations in groups to avoid working simultaneously on the same topics. We can advise on the methodology of innovation.”

Source: G2
Adèle d
Innovation Project Manager Senior- Innovation lab
Worldwide Leader in Hospitality, >5000 employees
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2. Suggest how you can make that more efficient

3. Show you how braineet enables you to increase your innovation performance without changing the way you work

Frequently Asked Questions

What is open innovation software?

Open Innovation software is a digital platform to manage enterprise innovation in collaboration with external stakeholders. It enables companies to source ideas, identify and evaluate partnership opportunities, and manage open innovation projects with their external ecosystems including startups, corporates, organizations, universities, suppliers and customers.

What are 3 advantages of open innovation?

3 advantages of Open Innovation:

  • Extended innovation capabilities and expertise
  • Faster go-to-market with existing partners
  • Better market fit through co-creation with customers

What is open innovation example?

Open Innovation examples:

What is closed and open innovation?

Closed innovation is when a company innovates purely internally across their innovation process from idea to industrialization whereas open innovation means that the company is collaborating with external stakeholders at one or several stages of their innovation process.

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