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Real-time visibility & reporting

Leverage real-time analytics and reporting to make informed decisions that drive success.

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Innovation Process Braineet

Innovation departments around the world rely on Braineet for immediate insights and impactful reporting.

From hindsight to real foresight

Businesses often rely on retrospective analysis to guide future decisions, missing the opportunity to act in the moment. Real-time data reporting changes the game by providing immediate insights, allowing companies to pivot quickly and seize opportunities as they arise.

Braineet’s platform ensures that decision-makers no longer have to base choices on outdated information, transforming delayed reactions into proactive strategies that capitalize on real-time business dynamics.

Project Portfolio Management - Braineet

#1 - Instant data access

Access real-time data to quickly respond to changes and opportunities in your projects.

#2 - Dynamic reporting

Generate dynamic reports that reflect the latest data and trends.

Innovation Matrix - Braineet Software
Data-Driven Innovation Insights - Software Braineet

#3 - Decision support

Use data-driven insights to support strategic decisions and improve project outcomes.

#4 - Presentation ready

Modify and adapt features to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring maximum efficiency.

PowerPoint Export - Braineet Innovation Software

Enhance your strategic vision with real-time data

Dashboards & Reportings - Braineet Innovation Software

Comprehensive data visualization integration

Seamlessly integrate with leading data visualization tools like PowerBI, Oracle Cloud Analytics, and Google Data Studio. This capability allows you to enrich your reporting and analytics, providing deeper insights and a clearer understanding of your data landscapes.


Custom PowerPoint reporting

Generate dynamic PowerPoint presentations using your custom templates directly from Braineet. This feature enables you to incorporate up-to-date data into your reports effortlessly, ensuring that your presentations are both professional and informative.

Historical Innovation Data - Braineet

Advanced table view with historical analysis

Utilize table views like on Excel to monitor budget and other currency fields, complete with historical data and trend curves. This tool helps you track financial performance over time, aiding in better budget management and financial planning.


"Top-quality Software & stellar service with Braineet"

"Our collaboration with Braineet is exemplary: I am very impressed by their customer mindset and this is clearly reflected in the quality of their software. I really appreciate their adaptiveness and proactivity all along the project."

Nicolas de Benoist - SVP Innovation at Sodexo

Representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools

Braineet is recognized as a representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools.

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Braineet is tailored for enterprises

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Revolutionize innovation management beyond basic tools

Move beyond Excel and PowerPoint for innovation with Braineet. Streamline your innovation processes, from idea generation to execution, with a single and integrated solution.

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Braineet is trusted by 100+ international companies

Braineet is trusted by 100+ international companiesBraineet, embraced by 100+ global leaders, catalyzes industry innovation. Explore our interviews to see how we've powered success for Sodexo, La Poste, Unilever, and T-Mobile, and discover why we're the choice for transformative growth.

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