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Our mission is to build the system that makes corporate innovation successful

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The origins of Braineet

In 2014, we knew people who wanted to share innovative ideas with their favourite brands in order to co-create the future of their customer experience. The collaborative platform we created grew into the complete internal and external crowdsourcing platform we now know as Braineet Crowdsourcing.

In 2019, after thousands of conversations with Innovation teams across the globe, we understood that collecting ideas, sourcing startups, and identifying local best practices to scale was absolutely necessary but not sufficient to generate significant value from innovation. That’s why we co-developed Braineet Workflow with hundreds of companies worldwide to maximize the value of their innovation portfolio in a predictable way.

We are headquartered in the heart of Paris with international and distributed teams. We talk to our customers every week, build strong relationships with our customers based on trust and reliability. We love solving challenges with them and for them.

Our vision

Corporate Innovation is at a crossroads: On the one hand, Innovation is identified as one of the Top 3 priorities by many CEOs. Large companies desperately need to innovate to draw customers, defend market shares and continue growing. On the other hand, thousands of innovation teams we talked to feel that they lack legitimacy, resources, culture and power to deliver expected results.

There’s only one way to succeed. Innovation teams need to build a real system to generate concrete results in a predictable way. We are on a mission at Braineet to build this system with and for our customers.
So if you’re part of an Innovation team, know that we understand firsthand what Corporate Innovation requires to be successful. We’re passionate about Corporate Innovation and truly care whether or not your company succeeds in innovating faster and more efficiently. It’s no wonder more than one hundred companies worldwide trust us to support their innovation approach. And it’s only the beginning. 5 years from now, every Corporate Innovation team will have built a proven system to deliver results at scale. Or they will be questioned even more about their raison d’etre.

Jonathan Livescault, Braineet Founder

Strong values that bring great people together

Our values drive us to delight our customers and team members every day.

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