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The #1 idea management software

Harness your internal and external ecosystems to crowdsource valuable ideas, leverage collective intelligence to refine them, assess them and prioritize the ones you want to invest in.

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Idea Management Software Braineet

Innovation departments around the world use Braineet to manage all their idea generation from one place.

Optimize ideas: From concept to impact

Idea management is a critical component in transforming innovation from a vague concept into a tangible asset. It involves not just generating ideas but strategically nurturing and evaluating them to ensure alignment with business objectives. Our solution facilitates this process, offering tools to capture, categorize, and analyze ideas efficiently. By focusing on actionable insights and measurable outcomes, we help turn your creative brainstorming into valuable, impactful innovations.

Source innovation internally and externally

#1 - Source innovation internally and externally

Braineet is the software you need to source ideas and centralize them.

#2 - Impulse cultural change and break down silos

Give your employees a place to share their quick wins, best practices and experiments across all your business units to generate value immediately through replication.

Innovation Hub - Braineet
Prioritize Ideas - Braineet Software

#3 - Prioritize ideas and invest in the right projects

Braineet enables you to identify the most promising ideas, best practices and partners to invest in in order to build a strong portfolio.

#4 - Turn ideas into projects and value

Braineet is the solution you need to turn ideas into projects, manage your portfolio every day, and measure your innovation results.

Turn ideas into projects and value - Braineet Software

Centralize your company’s idea pipeline

Easily capture and organize ideas - Braineet Software

Easily capture and organize ideas

Gather insights and suggestions from employees, customers, and partners seamlessly. Braineet's platform allows for easy submission of ideas, enabling your organization to harness a wide range of perspectives and innovations.

Prioritize ideas effectively - Braineet Software

Prioritize ideas effectively

Utilize Braineet's robust evaluation tools to assess the potential of each idea. Engage your stakeholders in voting and providing feedback, ensuring that the most impactful and viable ideas are identified and prioritized for further development.

Foster team collaboration and development - Braineet

Foster team collaboration and development

Transform raw ideas into actionable projects with Braineet's collaborative workspace. Encourage cross-functional teams to refine and develop ideas, leveraging diverse expertise to enhance the quality and feasibility of each concept.


"Top-quality software & stellar service with Braineet"

"Our collaboration with Braineet is exemplary: I am very impressed by their customer mindset and this is clearly reflected in the quality of their software. I really appreciate their adaptiveness and proactivity all along the project."

Nicolas de Benoist - SVP Innovation at Sodexo

Representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools

Braineet is recognized as a representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools.

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Braineet is tailored for enterprises

Frequently asked questions

What is an idea management software?

An idea management software is a digital platform to collect and manage ideas within a company or organisation. It enables enterprises to source ideas from internal and external ecosystems, in an open way or through idea campaigns, refine, evaluate, and prioritize ideas they want to invest in and turn into projects.

What is the objective of an idea management system?

The objective of an idea management system is to centralize and manage all the company idea pipeline, coming from both internal and external stakeholders to identify new business opportunities and invest in the most promising ideas in line with the company strategy.

How is idea management related to innovation management?

Idea management relates to innovation management as one of the early phases of the innovation process. Idea management includes sourcing ideas, evaluating and prioritizing them. Other phases of innovation management include business case, MVP, experimentation, commercialization and industrialization.

What are the types of idea management?

Types of idea management include:
  • Internal vs. External idea management
  • Incremental vs. Disruptive idea management
  • Open vs. Campaign driven idea management
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Revolutionize innovation management beyond basic tools

Move beyond Excel and PowerPoint for innovation with Braineet. Streamline your innovation processes, from idea generation to execution, with a single and integrated solution.

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Braineet is trusted by 100+ international companies

Braineet is trusted by 100+ international companiesBraineet, embraced by 100+ global leaders, catalyzes industry innovation. Explore our interviews to see how we've powered success for Sodexo, La Poste, Unilever, and T-Mobile, and discover why we're the choice for transformative growth.

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