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Innovation leaders who want to drive growth use Braineet

Turn innovation from a cost center to a profit center

Innovation, often seen as a risky investment with uncertain ROI, is crucial for business growth and development. Yet, its true impact is frequently misunderstood and undervalued. Many companies fall into the trap of chasing superficial metrics, engaging in activities that look impressive but lack real substance. This misalignment between effort and outcome leaves innovation perceived as just another 'buzzword'.

Collect and Maintain Data for Innovation - Software

Collect reliable data to make informed decisions

Ensure consistent reporting and governance across your organization. Reliable and easily accessible information helps make strategic decisions and simplifies the process of collecting data. Braineet provides a central hub for project insights, financials, and strategic alignment, making data actionable for your teams.

Streamlined Innovaton Process

Streamline innovation processes to drive growth and governance

Pave the path to success to all your projects with clear, agile and relevant stage gate processes. Guide teams at every step, collect the right data and log every decision ever made to build your track record.

Innovation Matrix - Braineet Software

Real time visibility & reporting

Visualize all your portfolios with beautiful, real-time, and custom reports for all your stakeholders across the organization. Make informed decisions to maximize your portfolio performance. 

Digital Innovation Hub - Braineet

Foster an innovation culture at every level of your organization

From Management to new hires, everyone clearly understands your innovation strategy, has visibility on the pipeline and recent successes and can contribute to add value collectively.

Scale innovation in a predictable way

Braineet enables scalable and predictable innovation for your organization. We provide robust processes and complete visibility for stakeholders and employees. Our highly flexible software supports your unique innovation management style, fostering a culture of innovation at every level of your organization.

The Smart PowerPoint Field

Create custom PowerPoint presentations effortlessly

Turn automatically your innovation project data into beautiful and custom PowerPoint presentations. Save a lot of time and standardize the way your teams work across project.


Customize, share, and spotlight innovation

Give your employees an Innovation Hub
to discover everything about innovation and share their quick wins, PoCs and ideas across all your business units so others can benefit from their experience. The results? Successes are replicated faster with reduced friction. It's a virtuous circle.



Know exactly what's working and what's not

Collect and track all metrics with custom steps and gates. Maximize impact by analyzing innovation results in a systematic approach.



"Top-quality software & stellar service with Braineet"

"Our collaboration with Braineet is exemplary: I am very impressed by their customer mindset and this is clearly reflected in the quality of their software. I really appreciate their adaptiveness and proactivity all along the project."

Nicolas de Benoist - SVP Innovation at Sodexo

Representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools

Braineet is recognized as a representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Guide for Innovation Management Tools.

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Braineet is tailored for enterprises

Revolutionize Innovation-Management Beyond Excel & PowerPoint

Revolutionize innovation management beyond basic tools

Move beyond Excel and PowerPoint for innovation with Braineet, while integrating with them to smooth change management.

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Braineet is trusted by 100+ international companies

Trusted by over 100 global innovation leaders, Braineet is catalyzing industry innovation. Explore our interviews to see how we've powered success for Sodexo, La Poste, Unilever and T-Mobile, and discover why we're the choice for transformative growth.

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