A team of 20 people can lose more than $250k every year!

Braineet Workflow enables you to save time, increase your project success rate and take better decisions, faster.

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On average, Braineet pays for itself 20× over.

Productivity gain

Automated reporting

Scalable processes

Knowledge database

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A Portfolio Manager is responsible for one or several project portfolios. He needs to make the best decisions to maximize the value of the portfolio.
A Project Leader is responsible for one or a handful of projects. He needs to make sure the project delivers at the right speed and under resource constraints.
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How your ROI is calculated?

This ROI Model Template is the result of a benchmark of ROI models produced by several of our customers assessing the value generated / saved by implementing Braineet.

Please note that the ROI calculated here only takes into account your team's time saved by Braineet. Therefore it doesn't not include the additional ROI generated by Braineet through enabling you to take better decisions, faster, to bet on the right projects, to optimize your portfolio and to increase the speed and success right of your projects thanks to performant innovation processes. As a consequence the actual total ROI generated by Braineet will be significantly higher than the one calculated here.

Braineet is featured as Representative Vendor in the 2023 Guide to Innovation Management Tools

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