The best way to collect ideas from the people who know you

Crowdsource high potential ideas with your entire ecosystem

Unleash the power of collective intelligence

Collect hundreds of ideas and suggestions from your employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

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Crowdsource ideas

Collect ideas and suggestions  from your entire ecosystem to fuel your discovery phase.

Run digital hackatons

Stimulate creativity with online hackathons and gather high-potential solutions fast.

Deploy employee suggestion Programs

Encourage your workforce to  continuously share ideas and improvements.

Launch open innovation challenges

Harvest innovative solutions to solve your business challenges with your external partners.

Supercharge your discovery efforts

Harvest the power of your ecosystem with a mobile and web platform built to boost participation and collaboration.

Centralize everything in a powerful dashboard, evaluate and prioritize inputs from your communities and focus on the most promising ones.

Crowdsource ideas

Targeted challenges. Launch ideas and open innovation challenges to collect valuable inputs from your communities.

Dedicated platforms. Create your own space  and brand your platforms to your colors.

Global Scale. Deploy and manage multiple platforms as you need them (for example per country or per business unit). Braineet is available in 15 languages.

Collect Ideas
Idea Challenge

Co-create with your customers

Public challenges. Create public challenges where everyone can participate and collect suggestions from your customers.

Online community. Access our growing community of 50.000 users to kickstart your ideation efforts

Engagement. Boost engagement with rewards and interact with your communities directly on the platform. 

Run employees suggestion programs

Private challengesLaunch confidential challenges where only your employees can join and participate.

Gamification. Booest participation and engagement with gamification and rewards.

Communication. Share articles and videos, answer suggestions, create surveys… Communicate and engage with your employees directly on the platform.

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Easily pilot everything

Dashboard. Centralize all ideas in a powerful dashboard to track, segment and evaluate ideas.

Reports. Easily report to stakeholders with all the data you need.

Analysis. Our team of experts helps you analyse discover trends, segment ideas and act on them.

Boost engagement with our mobile apps

Reduce friction and let your partners share their ideas and suggestions from iOS and Android apps branded to your colors.

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Our customers love using Braineet to harvest amazing ideas

Braineet is a genuine success with genuine results: we collected a lot of insights to improve our offering and services. We are very happy with the initiative’s ROI.

e jacquin edf

Emmanuel Jacquin

Shared Services Director


To imagine the bank of tomorrow, we crowdsource consumers’ ideas on the Braineet online platform. Some of the ideas shared by customers will result in the implementation of new innovative services and offers in the coming weeks.

o gavalda

Olivier Gavalda

Managing Director

Credit Agricole

We greatly appreciated both the application and responsiveness of the team. The quality of their analytical work has made decision making and transforming ideas into projects a lot easier.

f debois cegos

François Debois

Chief Innovation Officer


Innovators, founders and product managers all over the world use Braineet to build better products & services.

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