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Senior Product Manager

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🤖 Senior Product Manager

🌊 Location : Paris / Full Remote 🌲 Innovation

🍃 Braineet, at the Heart of Innovation

Braineet, a Parisian start-up created in 2014, offers a SaaS solution to drive and structure innovation at large companies. 

Our mission: to help large firms innovate to address the biggest issues of our time! Braineet’s ambition is to become the Salesforce of innovation!

Founders : Jonathan Livescault & Pierre Gourlaouen

Founding Date : 2014

For more info :

Find out why Groupe Vyv uses Braineet to drive its innovation

⭐️ Product Vision

Braineet’s ambition is to become the best innovation software in the world. The best way to achieve that according to us is co-creating Braineet together with thousands of Innovation Departments across the world each year, perfectly understanding the needs of each of our clients, and finding the most simple, beautiful, and efficient solution to them. Our whole team shares this vision to deliver the maximum value to our customers.

🧐 Problem Solved?

Large companies don’t innovate efficiently, even though innovation is a priority for everyone.

⚡️ Solutions and Features

Large organizations need to drive innovation through a real system that allows them to generate solid results in a predictable way. Just like Salesforce for sales teams. For innovation, that system is Braineet.

We have 2 Modules that complement each other perfectly:

  • Braineet Workflow to manage the portfolio of innovation projects, to guide a team at each step of their projects, to centralize knowledge and to automate presentations.
  • Braineet Crowdsourcing to source new ideas / best practices / startups internally and externally, prioritize projects on which to invest and break silos.

🏀  Culture

  • Confidence in each other (e.g. unlimited vacation)
  • « One Team » (ex : collaborative decisions)
  • Strong Ambition (ex : #1 worldwide in Innovation)
  • Demanding but Fair (ex : 100% transparent feedback)
  • Customer-centric (ex : Roadmap driven by our clients)
  • Enjoy the ride (ex : Team week-ends)

🤓 The Mission of a PM?

Your mission: to guide the team so that our Product brings maximum value to our current and future customers.

  • Discovery
  • Understand the needs of each client
  • Dig as deep as possible to understand the reason behind the need
  • Synthesize these cross-client needs
  • Segment them by priority
  • Be able to communicate them simply to the team, orally and in writing
  • Solution
  • Participate in the design of the best solutions to be tested to meet each need
  • Define the minimum version that will bring value to our customers
  • Understand the current Product as a whole to maintain consistency
  • Take the Product Vision to 3 years to ensure we stay the course
  • Iterate internally and with our customers until we have a stabilized solution
  • Delivery
  • Understand the design & dev issues and constraints
  • Estimate the feasibility of each solution
  • Plan the roadmap to continuously bring value to our customers
  • Break it down into sprints and tasks
  • Give visibility to our customers without over-promising
  • Write documentation and coordinate team communication
  • Streamline our development process as much as possible
  • Manage the testing process to ensure quality in production
  • Ensure that deadlines and quality are met


👾 Ideal Profile

  • A great person
  • Strong motivation and belief in our mission
  • Someone reliable, who can be trusted
  • Mandatory experience as PM in one or more startups / scale ups
  • Ability to understand the design team, front and back
  • Ability to conduct customer interviews, listen, challenge, reformulate and synthesize
  • Experience in (Enterprise) SaaS appreciated

Languages : French required, proficient English

Location : Full remote with an office in Paris

Remote Work: Up to you 😊

Must have :

  • Experience in PM
  • Reliable, motivated, nice

Nice to have :

  • Experience in Dev, Design, PO
  • Experience with large firms
  • Entrepreneurial experience 

🤓 Recruitment Process

  • Fit with Jonathan Livescault, CEO
  • Fit with Pierre Gourlaouen, CTO
  • Fit with 3 team members (Design, Dev, CSM)
  • Case with 5 team members 

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