Supercharge your innovation portfolio

From initial idea to successful commercialization, Braineet is the best way to pilot and structure your innovation to get results and growth.


Discover. Incubate. Accelerate.

Innovators, founders and product managers all over the world use Braineet to build better products & services.

Managing innovation is hard. Does any of this sound familiar?

"It takes years to implement when it should take weeks"

"It is a nightmare to evaluate and prioritize ideas and projects"

"Our workforce is not engaged and doesn't really care"

"We keep doing the same mistakes over and over across projects"

"There is no real strategic direction, we do what we can to prioritize"

"It is a burden to manage and track what is happening"

"The time lost finding internal resources and support is delaying everything"

"We spend countless hours building reports and presentations"

"Finally a platform that meets innovators needs"

Shape your innovation

Build your workflows, structure your projects and pilot your portfolio from a powerful dashboard

Foster a lean mindset

Encourage cross teams collaboration and leverage the benefits of proven lean frameworks and methodologies

Increase your hit rate

Experiment with problems, solutions and business models faster to build  products people can’t live without

"Braineet closes the gap between ideas and commercialization"

Collect ideas from everywhere

Collect ideas from your employees, customers and partners at scale. Launch targeted ideation initiatives with public and private platforms made to foster engagement and collaboration.

braineet platform
Feature Idea Evaluation Workflow

Build your evaluation workflows

Cut through the noise and assess the potential of incoming ideas to prioritize and focus on the most promising ones.

Deploy your processes

Build and deploy your innovation processes and frameworks to help your teams build products and services people love.

Feature Deploy Innovation Processes
Feature Collaboration

Encourage collaboration

Encourage cross-team, cross-department & cross-tools collaboration on the top of your processes. Invite external parties to collaborate and nurture your open innovation initiatives.

Leverage lean methodologies

Make projects fail fast and cheap and double down on the most promising ones. Increase your hit rate by iterating at startup speed until you reach product-market fit.

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Feature Knowledge Projects

Get rid of knowledge silos

Free the knowledge from folders, emails, powerpoints and excel sheets. Build a cross-teams, cross-projects knowledge base everyone can tap into at the right time.

Track & Pilot your portfolio

Track, sort, prioritize all your projects from a powerful dashboard. Generate reports, share views and give key stakeholders visibility across your whole portfolio.

Feature Track Innovation Portfolio

Enterprise ready

Braineet has the built-in security and features required by large companies

Start building better products and services