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Innovate in complete privacy and security
with your employees
Never miss out on a great idea again
Join the hundreds of companies who are already using Braineet to drive their innovation
Discover Braineet for Employees
Harness the collective intelligence of your employees
Employees can share their ideas at any time, from any where, using any device. This freedom and ability to share ideas improves engagement, encourages thinking and participation regardless of their position or seniority, and creates a culture of innovation.
Launch Challenges
Enable all of your division and departments to independently launch challenges to find the best solutions to their business problems and needs.
Create a secure and personalized platform
Your personalised platform is 100% secure and only accessible to your verified employees and colleagues. Thanks to our SSO identification, users can easily log-in using existing intranet details and are not required to create new accounts.
Improve your employee engagement and retention
Your colleagues are also consumers. The Braineet platform encourages use by offering them the ability to switch between your private platform and the larger network where they can interact with our entire community and other brands that they use. Pick a solution that drives engagement.
Easily identify where you need to improve and plan your next innovations
Use our detailed analysis to improve your decision-making and reduce the amount of resources used in the planning process. Our dashboard will give you access to all of the key indicators, segmented analysis, and data that you need to plan your innovation roadmap and improve your business.
Benefit from our strategic analysis and guidance
Use our segmented and semantic analysis to identify key trends and improve your decision-making process.
Start your collaborative innovation projects
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