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Innovate faster with less risk
with your clients
Never miss out on a great idea again.
Join the hundred of companies using Braineet to drive their innovation.
Discover Braineet for Customers
Collect valuable customer ideas
Users can share, like, and comment on ideas that relate specifically to your brand or industry. The power of the community and collective intelligence will help you to understand your business and their needs better than ever before.
Co-create with your customers
Evaluate and label ideas the best ideas and create a positive dialogue where you can interact directly with your customers and improve their experience.
Launch Challenges
Launch challenges that will allow you to get ideas that address specific business needs and problems. Find the best solutions whilst innovating faster with less risk.
Interact with your customers wherever they are
Integrate your personalized Braineet platform into your existing website and applications and allow your clients to share their ideas with you at anytime from anywhere. Get better feedback and fully understand the needs and expectations of your clients
Easily identify where you need to improve and plan your next innovations
Use our detailed analysis to improve your decision-making and reduce the amount of resources used in the planning process. Our dashboard will give you access to all of the key indicators, segmented analysis, and data that you need to plan your innovation roadmap and improve your business.
Benefit from our strategic analysis and guidance
Use our segmented and semantic analysis to identify key trends and improve your decision-making process.
Start your collaborative innovation projects
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