The Innovation Doubt

You undoubtedly want to improve your innovation. The problem is: how can we test the viability of new products and services? The simple solution? With Braineet, you have the possibility to foster customer ideation and to turn your customers into your most reliable resource .


Regardless of how much you encourage internal innovation and make it a part of your corporate culture, the greatest barrier to innovation will always be fear and uncertainty. Ron Ashkenas demonstrated this fact in his Forbes article that highlighted a prominent technology firm’s hesitancy in backing what they viewed as ‘long term, risky bets’.





Customer Feedback and Dialogue in Innovation Development


The firm had encouraged internal teams to work on potentially transformative products, but then felt that they did not have enough information to support these products with further funding . The solution? The decision to turn to customers for further feedback.


A workshop was held that allowed the development team to demonstrate just how much their customers liked the idea. That evidence was enough to convince the executive team that the product could be a success.



Workshops can be costly and time consuming. Braineet provides a platform that replaces the need for organizing a physical workshop. Instead, you can constantly and consistently interact with your customers through a positive dialogue that encourages innovation.


Customers can provide you with new ideas, suggest improvements to current products, or even help you to develop new product lines. These ideas can either be posted independently by a user, or in response to campaigns that you can launch to find solutions to specific business needs.



The Braineet Solution


Ashkenas highlights three key ways in which companies can engage their customers as innovation allies:


  1. Define your targets. Identify the groups who will be most interested in your idea.
  2. Work with your network. Determine the best way to open a dialogue with your customers.
  3. Make your efforts visible. Provide all involved with the opportunity to experience the customers’ reaction and ideas.


The Braineet platform will allow you to easily accomplish these goals. It has never been easier to interact with your customers, collect and manage their ideas, and use their feedback to improve your products and services.

Have you turned your customers into a resource? If not, contact us to find out more about the Braineet platform.