Are Your Employees Engaged?

Gallup research has found that an incredible 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. The worst part? It’s an easy fix. According to Joe Mechlinski, CEO of Entrequest and a NY Times bestselling author, when employees lack engagement deadlines start to be missed, meetings start or end late, and trust disappears.

The best performing companies constantly reinforce their culture of engagement. Robert Richman, author and former culture strategist at Zappos, explains that ‘you cannot force engagement from the top down’.

You need to get beyond your employees simply turning up for a pay cheque. The best way do to that? Make them feel as if they are making a meaningful contribution. With Braineet, you have the ability to give your employees a voice, make use of their input, and make them feel engaged.




The High Cost of Unmotivated Employees

 A survey by Monster found that 58% of employees feel under-appreciated, with 41% stating that they felt demotivated as a result. One of the biggest causes of this under-appreciation? The inability to share, express, and get recognition for ideas.

Unmotivated employees will impact your bottom line. Productivity drops. Quality of work is negatively impacted. Talented employees leave.



How To Make Your Employees Feel Engaged

The most important step? According to Forbes it is making sure that every employee feels heard and valued, whether they are a senior executive or a janitor. You surely treat every customer like they are your most important one? You need to do the same with your employees.

Research carried out by Deloitte found that 80% of executives rated employee experience as one of their most important priorities (see figure below for a breakdown by country); and yet only 59% said that they were in a position to improve their employee’s engagement.




You need to provide your employees with an outlet and means of communicating with upper management and HR. Employee engagement has to be ingrained into your corporate culture. How are you going to make it a part of it?


The Braineet Solution

Braineet provides the perfect platform for increasing your employee engagement. With Braineet for Employees you effectively create an online suggestion box. The platform allows your employees to share their ideas on how the workplace, products, or services could be improved – regardless of their position or status within the company. Popular ideas can be liked and pushed up the rankings, and with our easy-to-use tools you can review and manage ideas and projects.

The platform can be integrated directly into your existing websites, applications, and intranet. 100% secure and limited to your employees, it will finally give a voice to everyone in your company. Why not put in the small effort required to finally make your employees feel engaged? Why risk missing out on a great idea that could help you to innovate?

Watch our short video to find out more. Click here to sign up for Braineet for Employees and to begin improving your employee engagement today.