Braineet is the perfect platform to support your open innovation projects. Turn your customers and employees into a resource for innovation and harness the full potential of your business. Braineet puts you in direct contact with your customers and allows you to easily manage your innovation projects and to find the best solutions to your business needs.

Here are 6 examples of open innovation in helping businesses around the world to overcome challenges and grow.


Unilever might be one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies with state-of-the-art research staff and facilities, but it still understands the value and importance of collaboration and co-creation. Unilever partnered with Braineet in 2016 and has been able to see the value in turning to their customers for ideas.

The company has solicited input from start-ups, academics, designers, individuals, or ‘anyone with a practical innovation that can help’ them to meet their challenges. Unilever’s approach is to identify key needs and to turn to crowdsourcing and co-creation for solutions.

Unilever has bold ambitions for its future: aiming to double its revenues by 2020, alongside halving the environmental impact of its products. They have recognised that open innovation will play a vital role in helping them to achieve these goals.



DeWalt is a leading manufacturer of power tools. Relied on by professionals and companies around the world, the company saw that they could turn to their customers to better understand the direction that technology needed to move.

DeWalt turned to open innovation and co-creation and built an insight community of more than 10,000 users. Ward Smith, the group product manager at DeWalt, highlighted the need and value of open innovation:

Competition is fierce, everyone’s trying to launch more tools, faster. You need a fast and accurate tool to be more reactive in the marketplace.


Lego has always been a toy company at the forefront of innovation. One of their greatest resources for innovation? Their customers. LEGO’s online community allows fans to submit their own ideas for new sets and vote on the suggestions that they like the most. If a project gets 10,000 votes, LEGO reviews the idea, picks a winner, and creates a new LEGO set that is sold worldwide.

In return for the great idea the creator gives final product approval, earns a percentage of the sales, and is recognized as the creator on all packaging and marketing.

That might seem overly generous, but LEGO has recognized that its customers are its greatest source for new ideas and innovations. Not only has this approach helped LEGO to keep releasing new product ranges that its fans love, but it has also helped to maintain their close relationship with LEGO customers around the world.


DHL is the world’s largest mail and logistic services company, but knows that its customers can always suggest new ways to improve their delivery methods. DHL hosts workshops with customers in Germany and Singapore where they help them to create solutions and improve the experience for customers around the world.

DHL’s customers are helping them to design the logistics services company of the future. Co-creation saw the development and testing of a delivery drone that would reduce standard mail-delivery drop from half an hour to just 8 minutes.

*Copyright DHL

*Copyright DHL

DHL has held more than 6,000 co-creation engagements and there is little doubt that their approach is producing incredible results. According to Forbes, their co-creation initiatives have seen customer satisfaction scores increase by over 80 percent, on-time delivery performance improve to 97 percent or higher, and seen an improvement in their customer loyalty.


Anheuser-Busch doesn’t immediately seem like a company in need of innovation. The beer giant has 45% of the market share in the United States and dominates the market worldwide. In spite of this great success, Anheuser-Busch has realized that their customers’ tastes and expectations are changing, and that they need to adapt.

To meet these new demands, the world’s leading brewer has turned to its customers for innovation. The last few years has seen a significant increase in the popularity of craft beer and, not wanting to miss out, Anheuser-Busch saw crowdsourcing as the best way to develop a new product. Thanks to deciding to co-create with their customers, Black Crown, a golden amber lager, was developed with the help of more than 25,000 consumer-collaborators.

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                                                       *Copyright Anheuser-Bush

In Brazil, where Anheuser-Busch markets the country’s leading brand, Skol, it has started the project ‘Poptent’, a crowdsourcing approach to the production of TV-commercials. Making use of 35,000 videographers from 120 nations, ‘Poptent’, like several other Anheuser-Busch programs, offers potential collaborators open innovation opportunities with the company.

General Mills

Like Anheuser-Bush, General Mills is not a company resting on its laurels. The food giant already has a sizeable market share around the world, and counts brands like Cheerios, Wheaties, Pilsbury, Old El Paso, and Betty Crocker in its portfolio, but it has recognized the value of crowd-sourcing.

Through the General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN), General Mills has actively sought new innovative concepts and product lines. What’s best about their approach? The process is open to anyone. Customers, Employees, or Partners can ‘submit a novel proposal’ and suggest a product or innovation that could be useful to any aspect of General Mills and its business interests.

This approach has been a great success, and has seen General Mills make changes to their product line, packaging, manufacturing process, digital efficiency, and many other areas as a result of suggestions from the general public.

General Mills have recognized that their customers can be a source of great insights into their products and business. Have you?

The Braineet Platform

Co-creation and open innovation with your customers will help you to improve your products and services and overcome the biggest challenges facing your business. The only issue? How to create that constructive dialogue with your customers and manage their ideas.

Fortunately, there is a solution. With Braineet you are able to integrate our platform into your existing websites and applications and begin harnessing the power of your customers today. Users can post solutions to business challenges that your put to the community, or independently share their great ideas with you.

Our dashboard will allow you to manage these ideas, select the best ones, and turn great ideas into incredible products.

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