Co-Creation can be the key to improving your customer experience. Involving your customer’s in your creative process will help to improve your customer engagement whilst also allowing your innovations and improvements to meet their demands and expectations.


More than 50 professionals and industry experts attended Braineet’s second innovation breakfast on the 17th of October. The theme was ‘is co-creation the key to improving your customer experience’, and gave the audience the opportunity to listen to insights from the invited speakers, share best practices and experiences, ask questions, and go on a tour of the Lafayette Plug and Play space.


We hope that the event was useful for all the participants, and please get in touch with us with any feedback or ideas for future editions of our innovation breakfasts. Email us at [email protected]


Below you will find a summary of the main talking points from the event and you can watch the highlights from the discussion (in French).



87% of consumers in the US and 85% of consumers in the UK ‘measure all brands against only a select few’ (i.e. Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, and other industries leaders that are at the forefront of customer experience and engagement). – Wunderman 2017 Wantedness Survey


In 2018, 75 percent of the world’s high performing enterprises will be using crowdsourcing to find the optimum solutions for their innovation roadmap. – Deloitte – The three billion Enterprise crowdsourcing and the growing fragmentation of work.

The Brand’s Perspective

‘Innovation is present at every stage of the customer journey.’ – Céline BRUNET, Inflight Innovation at Air France – KLM

For Air France – KLM, a business approach that includes seeking continuous improvement is essential in order to succeed in a market that is as competitive and intense as the airline industry.


The customer journey for passengers is relatively long, running from their initial decision to travel to their arrival at their destination, and in order to increase its responsiveness and offer services that meet the expectations of their travelers, Air France has decided to openly engage with their customers via a variety of channels and make the most of open data.


According to Celine, innovation is everywhere and the team in charge or innovation thinks about every point of direct contact that they have with their customers. With this approach, the company has managed to establish a customer-centric innovation model.


Celine’s top tips for co-creating with consumers:


– Interview customers and prospects in order to enrich and improve the ideation phase
– Present ongoing projects to customers and prospects in order to get feedback
– Allow users to interact and refine ideas together in order to harness the power of crowdsourcing
– Make sure that, from the very start of the project, there are people in-house who are able to turn an idea into a finished product.


The Expert’s Perspective

It is essential to review your priorities before starting the co-creation process – Quentin LEBEL, Behind The Crux Collaborative Innovation

Two years ago, Air France came to the realization that its management of delays and cancellations was less efficient than that of its competition, and that this was seriously affecting customer satisfaction (by up to 20 NPS points).


In order to improve customer experience and build a stronger bond with customers suffering from a delay or a cancellation, the company decided to find concrete solutions to the problem. Two collaborative workshops were organized: the first a half-day event with managers of the four directorates concerned to frame the subject and the methodology; the second a one-and-a-half-day workshop involving both staff members and 10 customers.


These collaborative sessions allowed Air France to have a better understanding of customer expectations in a situation of uncertainty and to co-create with them a system that would offer the most appropriate response and align the group’s different business divisions in order to be able to offer the best solution as quickly as possible. The workshop participants were delighted with the results and the sense of satisfaction that they had from having helped to improve their favorite airline and came away with a new image of a more dynamic Air France.


Quentin highlighted the importance of ensuring that companies reviewed their priorities before starting the co-creation process. Delivering co-created solutions is a crucial step in better engaging with both customers and employees, whilst the opportunity to directly play a part in a company’s innovation process is extremely rewarding for customers.

Putting the consumer at the centre means giving ourselves the means to develop a more responsive, more useful, and more operational strategy – Carine TAMI-MARZOLF, Director of Qualitative Studies at CSA Research

The CSA Qualitative approach is based on feedback from customers, on understating their “specifications for an ideal UX”, because marketing and innovation have evolved from being “offers-centric” into being “consumer-centric”. For CSA, it is essential to go one step further and to establish a UX-centric approach.


To ensure that co-creation programs achieve their aims, it is essential to ensure that the necessary framework, foundation, and tools are in place. The internal constraints of the brand (organizational, structural, business, and communication) have to be taken into account and the right people have to be involved from the very start of the process.


The company invites its customers to share their experiences through one-day co-creation workshops where participants can be compensated in return for their participation.


According to Carine, compensation remains a good recruitment lever, especially for targets unfamiliar with the brand, but quickly becomes secondary to the emotional benefit of the experience of taking part.

Very often, at the end of a co-creation session, people are sad to leave because they have started to really feel like part of the process.

Finally, for Carine, well conducted and structured co-creation is the ideal solution for truly disruptive and operational innovation projects.


Braineet and CSA Qualitative have a partnership to help companies create these breakthrough products and services.