Some of us hate speaking to the person sitting next to us when travelling, others love it. Regardless of what you want from your neighbor on a plane, train, or bus, we can all agree that there have been moments where having someone to talk to would have been useful.


Maybe you’ve wanted a bit of advice on what to do when you arrive at your destination. Maybe you forgot a charger that you desperately need. Or maybe you just wouldn’t mind a bit of conversation to get you through your journey.


Thanks to an idea shared on Braineet, SNCF (the French national rail company) has come up with a solution to the problem. The community ‘Tchat’ will allow train travellers to chat with other passengers and join conversations in groups dedicated to particular topics. Users will have access via SNCF sites and apps, ensuring that each passenger is put in the chat community relating to the train that they are on, with the discussion only lasting as long as the journey itself.


Users will be able to join in a large general discussion or join in more focused groups if they are looking for specific information. There’s a group dedicated to good things to do in the destination city, as well as a group where users can ask to borrow items from fellow travellers.


SNCF has actively used Braineet to gain a better understanding of what their customers want and expect. User feedback has played a central role in the group’s recent efforts to modernize and improve services, with particular attention being paid to additional services that can be offered on trains and how stations themselves can be improved. Understanding what their customers want has helped the rail giant to introduce a range of new products and services, with TChat being the latest development that has come about thanks to customer ideas.


Braineet has helped SNCF to innovate faster with less risk, with the French rail provider now able to introduce innovations that they know are in high-demand and will be popular with their customers.

That’s the kind of knowledge that allows Braineet clients to plan successful innovation roadmaps without wasting valuable time and resources on unreliable focus groups or research. Knowing exactly what your customers want and think enables you to improve every aspect of your business and stay one step ahead of your competitors.