The best way to empower your teams to innovate

Discover, explore, prioritize, iterate and deliver at startup speed.

Explore, iterate and build faster

Bring structure, methodology and expertise in a tool your teams will love to use to turn ideas into successful commercialization, fast.

Harvest the proven benefits of lean and agile methodologies to reduce risk and increase your chances of success.

A new way to innovate

We worked closely with hundreds of innovators, incubators, accelerators, portfolio managers and product teams to build a unified platform for customer-centric & product-centric teams.

We revisited the way people turn ideas into successful projects: creating a better way to explore, iterate, refine, prioritize, deliver and communicate.

On the operational side, Braineet is made of flexible and customizable building blocks you can use to create and deploy your workflows. Your teams have a better way to work together on what matters and focus on shipping stuff people really need.

On the strategy side, you can pilot your portfolio, follow your KPIs, track your resources and know exactly what is happening and why it is happening. You have a better way to communicate with stakeholders and clients and everything you need to prioritize and make better decisions.








Pave the way

Workflow builder. Create your workflows from scratch or using our templates. Connect all the steps with logic and conditions to bring structure and methodology together.

Modules. Custom forms, validation step, surveys… Use our building blocks to build your path. You can even develop your own modules to tap into your existing systems.

Integrations. With our zapier integration, connect the tools you already use on the top of your workflows and streamline your processes.

Team Bubbles

Embark your teams

Projects. Guide your teams and give them full visibility on what to do next, how to do it and why doing it in a personalized dashboard made to be simple and efficient.

Collaboration. Connect doers, learners, experts and external partners under the same interface for them to collaborate, help each other and build together.

Knowledge. Build a centralized knowledge base that you can bind to your processes to help your teams with how to’s, guides and articles.

Experiment fast

Lean MethodologiesDesign thinking process, Lean Startup experiments, Jobs to be done framework… Foster a lean culture and let your teams harvest the proven benefits of lean methodologies.

Templates. Use our templates or use them as a base to create your own workshops and experiments.

Feedback. Collect valuable feedback from your team members, allow them to learn from failures and successes and improve your processes over time.

Innovation Processes Templates

Make data-backed decisions

Dashboards. Create personalized dashboards on the scale of a single project, or any scope of data on the platform. Create the views you need, with the KPIs you want to track to make better decisions.

Validation. Define your validation workflows, keep decision makers automatically in the know and let them give feedback on projects progress. 

Portfolio. Pilot your portfolio of projects: filter by horizon, technology, business unit, maturity… Keep track of what is happening where.

Keep everyone updated

Communicate. Each project has its own communication channel to allow your teams, experts and stakeholders to interact with each-other and deliver together.

Share. Share projects views, dashboard views and easily give visibility to external parties without requiring them to signup. Reduce friction, improve communication and collaboration.

Report. Export any data you want, create reports and integrate with your BI tools.

Zapier Integrations

Integrate with the tools you already use

People shouldn’t be forced to stop using the tools they love. With Braineet you can bind all the tools your teams are already using to your processes with our Zapier integration.

Made for the people behind great products

Project Managers

Bring lean methodologies to your teams and ensure you build things people really need.

Corporate Innovators

Build your workflows, structure your projects and pilot your portfolio while fostering a lean mindset throughout your company.

Change Managers

Deploy and track change. Map your processes, embark your teams and better prioritize your change plan.

Product Teams

Prioritize and plan what to build next. Plan your roadmap, validate experiments and involve your end-users to create something they need faster.

Ready to empower your teams?

Join our growing community of beta testers and have an impact on our roadmap.

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