Gather the benefits of open innovation

Involve your customers, employees and your ecosystem of partners to ship stuff people need


Discover. Incubate. Accelerate.

Innovators, founders and product managers all over the world use Braineet to build better products & services.

Involve your ecosystem to create products people can't live without

Braineet’s open innovation software allows you to collaborate with your customers, employees, partners and suppliers to improve your processes, create better products and solve your business challenges – all from a secure and centralized environment.

Crowdsource ideas and suggestions

Deploy public and private platform to collect ideas, suggestions and improvements from your ecosystem.

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Engage with your communities

Start conversations, let people discuss, vote and share their insights to let the best ideas emmerge.

Assess and evaluate at scale

Build your own workflows and processes to assess the potential of incoming ideas. 

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Involve your ecosystem at every step of the process

Go beyond ideas and involve your communities whenever your need them in your innovation funnel.

Pilot your open innovation efforts

Track your portfolio and make data-backed decisions. Give your stakeholders visibility and pilot your open innovation initiative effortlessly.

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Enterprise ready

Braineet has the built-in security and features required by large companies

Start building better products and services